The essence of the Poster

Humans are born with knowledge and feelings; knowledge is consisting of ideas, such as opinions, fantasies and criticisms, while feelings are the emotions such as love, angry, happy, etc. Our ancestors expressed their ideas through carvings on the wall until the era where art was dominating, where people can express their feelings of their ideas. A kind of art where ideas and feelings can collide and it produce a theme or a concept, which can be put in any size of paper, is called a poster. A poster is made of a piece of paper with a printed design and it will paste in any place to a wall, either it will paste vertically or horizontally. A poster is informative because it gives information, details and query to the people and poster is also eye-catching because it has colourful text and designs it depends of the theme or the concept. A poster is one of the medium of advertising, it serve a lot of purposes.  Because a poster consists of ideas, before it was displayed into public places. It was displayed to get the attention of the people who were passing through to help them aware about the political criticism and viewpoint. Lately it was used to inviting a certain events and inviting customers to buy a particular service and products. During the mid-19th century, modern poster was been created, it’s more artful, creative and inexpensive. The posters were already in printed; it was called a lithographic poster. It was created in 1788. Lithographic Posters at first were made of metal or wood and simple color and design; during 1880s the process of lithographic poster was changed to three stone lithographic process it means the artist is allowed to use a colors of a rainbow. Most colors used were yellow, red and blue. The outcome of the new process in poster was became more intensive colors and texture, the combination of image and word in attractive and economical patterns were the beginning of modernization of advertising and also the artist can improve their skills and designs; they can produce an extremely art.

There are types of posters, here are the lists that will help you to decide which type of poster you want:

  • Propaganda and political poster- propaganda and political poster are expressing the ideas and criticism about the political system.
  • Movie posters- a way to advertise a certain movie
  • Travel posters- a poster that give query of a place destination and also advertise a tourist.
  • Railway posters- to advertise the railway service and routes                                                   
  • Event posters- plugging a certain a major event                                                                    
  • Band/music posters- a way to pursuing and appreciate about music
  • Blacklight poster- a poster has a design with ultraviolet high
  • Pin-up posters- poster which displayed an attractive women
  • Affirmation posters-  for motivational and inspiration concepts
  • Comic book posters- plugging for a comics publication.
  • Research posters – explaining and promote a certain research work
  • Classroom posters- poster which consists of academic information like numbers, alphabet, scientific tables and so on. Can be helpful to students.

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Written by Amelia Balmain in misc on Tue 02 August 2016.