Something to know about Table Talkers

Table Talkers is the silent salesman or promoter when it comes to sales or advertising your products. You can often see them quietly on a table of restaurants, hotel rooms, office lounges and the like. Its contents may differ according to their location, like if you’re in a restaurant then it may feature their top sellers or available drinks or any additional orders that you may want or if you’re in a hotel room it may show room rates or food menus depending on what they want. Table talkers come in different sizes, designs, colors all depending on your preference.

Table talkers become true table talkers because of their ability to provide information to the customers. This makes a fun and functional items as promotional standees that helps to communicate company’s offered services in a clear and concise manner. You can design it the best way possible and personalized it on your preferred design. The table talkers provide you an ample space to express your creativity and you can also make use of it as one of your campaign material.

Bell Graphics can provide you the best table talkers that you want. They provide low cost yet versatile table talkers that are very efficient promoting your product.  They are available in 2, 3 and 4 panels that will definitely suit your needs. Though there are some other options to promote your product or so but this one is cost efficient and space efficient. Unlike other materials that occupies much space; table talkers will just occupy a very tiny space on your table yet appears pleasing to the eyes. Thus this allows you to promote your product even in a small area. Talking about table talkers, their endless possibilities of you using it. You can design it as a wedding ceremony program making a creative way of posting it in your wedding table. And this is something that Bell Graphics Print Solutions can provide you. Bell Graphics can provide you the design and customization that you want. They have an option to create your table talkers design printed in a gloss or silk card. You can choose to have it laminated either on matte or gloss and it will be supplied to you pre-creased with adhesive tape for easy self-assembly. To prove that they truly care about you, their package deals includes roller banners that you can put at the reception area and banners to help you promoting your product and service more effectively. So if you’re thinking about having a table talker as one of your marketing materials then you might be looking Bell Graphics Print Solutions. You can call them to discuss what do you want and they’ll surely provide you an excellent printed output. You’ll be surprised with the package deals that they can provide you at a very affordable price. You have a top of the line product at a very fair price. What else could you ask for? Visit them anytime at and you’ll glad you’ve talk to them.

Written by Amelia Balmain in misc on Tue 02 August 2016.