Something to know about Print Solutions Services

Bell Graphics Print Solutions has been serving their clients for couple of years now. A lot of companies trust Bell Graphics because of the quality of the services that they provide. One of the services that the companies sought after with Bell Graphics is their presentation folder printing service. After all having an eye catching and beautifully made presentation folder would be very nice for a company. It creates an impression of having a stable and reliable company.

Whether with small or large quantities, Bell Graphics Print Solutions will help you print your folder and deliver it to you with care. Since a presentation folder has a wide space, there are so many things that you can use to personalize your design. You can just instruct their designers of what design you would prefer to have and they’ll put it into action or just in case you haven’t made up your mind yet. They have their own creative designer that you can talk to help you create your design at a fixed price. Even if you have a small or big business you can always come to them and you’ll be glad you’ve meet them.

 For small quantities order like 25 to 250 copies the ship out will be after 2 business days. For large quantities 250 copies and above shipment is within 4-7 business days depending on your specification. By the way their minimum order of quantity is 20 copies. Your personalized folders are printed using the latest digital printing technology and an in-house laser guided cutting and creasing devices. The folders are ready to use upon delivery. You can choose different sizes and can choose the thickness that you would prefer. You can make a customized design on both inner and outer part of your folder as well. There will be a printed pocket inside your folder to hold your inserts and you will be provided an option to choose whether you like to have a glossy or matt appearance for your design.

For large quantities, folders are litho printed and die cut to the required shape. Self- assembly assembled and glued version folders options will be provided depending on your needs. In creating your designs it would be best for you to contact Bell Graphics first that way you can choose the range of your shape templates just to make sure that your design will fit in perfectly. You can visit them at or if you have any inquiries you can always call them. Sample designs as posted as well on their website, which might help in creating your own idea on how your presentation folder would look like. As a courtesy to the clients who trusted their company, they’ll be creating your folder with a business card slot with no additional cost on most of the templates that they have available. That’s something that you can look forward to. You have your personalized presentation folder plus theirs a beautiful way for you to leave your calling card or business card on it.

Written by Amelia Balmain in misc on Tue 02 August 2016.